The National Remembrance Ceremony for placing the honor wreaths takes place December 19th, 2020 at 11am at all Minnesota State Veterans Cemeteries.  Assistance with the honor wreath laying is provided by the Minnesota Patriot Guard, many civic and veterans’ organizations along with the general public.

The mission of WreathsForTheFallen.org is to honor our Veterans (and their families) by providing honor wreaths for the Minnesota State Veterans Cemeteries in December of each year.

In 2006, this effort was initiated with the placement of only 5 wreaths. In the following years the numbers have grown exponentially too many thousands. It is our goal to honor every fallen veteran and family member’s grave with an honor wreath every year. It is projected that the number of honor wreaths required will increase substantially each year, so your support is most important.

Minnesota State Veterans Cemeteries are presently in operation at Little Falls, Preston and Duluth with future construction planned for the Redwood Falls area.

To Honor a Veteran by either making a general contribution or a specific grave request Click Here.